Where do you start?

So, in trying to decide what processed food to eliminate, we have to figure out where to start.  Which is the best way to go?  Canned foods or refined foods?

I've decided that when I can, I get frozen.  The problem with that is running out of room in the freezer.  Since our garden can't be planted for a little while yet, we can't plan on canning our own food for a while either.  Though, I'm not going to do any pressure cooking...only freezing or water baths for me.  My boss had her pressure cooker explode on her last summer, and it still gives her nightmares.

So.   We are going to try and make as much of our own stuff as we can.  Such as spaghetti sauce and tomato stuff.  Sure, we might use the canned tomatoes, but that is better than the canned soups and sauces.  They have added sugars and preservatives.  At least canned tomatoes just have added salt, not usually sugar or anything else.

We watched a video this past week that talked about health related to foods.  The man said that men who ate canned tomatoes 2 to 3 times a week were less likely to have prostate cancer.  Go figure.  Cooked tomatoes??  But I figure they must still have enough good stuff in them to do the trick.  So, we found a whole cart of crushed tomatoes at the store on sale and bought all of them.

We're off to a good start.  ;)


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