We begin again... January 2013 - this time no SUGAR

Well - once again I start.  Seems like I'm always doing this, at some point or another, but this time I'm thinking I'll try a little less structure and see if it works better.

You see, I'm determined to help my family be healthier and to be healthy  myself.  I've managed to loose 90 pounds since I started this blog, and have nothing to show you for it.  So I'm going to try better.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I've gained back 30 of the pounds I shed and the idea that I still haven't gotten closer to following the Word of Wisdom as I'd like to.  Really.

Okay - I'm a bad lier (which isn't a bad thing, right?) and it has 80% to do with it.  I'm determined to make this work.  We are given no challenge that we can't over come, right?  So, this is me, striving to over come.

I'm planning on making a post each week on how much closer I am to reaching understanding and following of the Word of Wisdom.  I've come across a blog that is everything I would wish to be, and so there will be times I will recommend you visit it.  It's also based on the idea of the Word of Wisdom in our eating habits and every day lives.  I think he's had a lot more time to spend on it than I, or perhaps more of a drive...
Whichever --- check it out.  It's Word of Wisdom living.

So - this is the first week of the year.  We're freezing because there's an inversion and so it sucks all the heat out of the valley.  I don't really mind it, but it does make it difficult to type because my 'office' is in the Sunroom, which is to say, the coldest or warmest room in the house -- depending on the time of year.  So, I'm sitting here, typing as fast as my frozen fingers can go and hoping it will make sense by the time it reaches the monitor.  I spend the day at home yesterday because I woke up with a headache.  When I wake with headaches, I generally don't make it to work because they are such that I can't function.  Least of all drive.

After the pain meds kick in, and I'm able to walk around, I'm generally too foggy to really do much, so I just stay home.  Since I was home, I decided to take advantage of the situation and do some research on several subjects.  One was Melatonin, which is what I've been taking to help me sleep, and the other was the Word of Wisdom and if anyone had suggested a dietary outline involving it.

I found loads of information on both.  Unfortunately, I've heard both sides of Melatonin.  It's good, it helps, it's natural, etc.  It's bad, it causes headaches, it wasn't regulated until recently, and the dosage is iffy.  So.  I decided to stop taking it for a while and see if my headaches were related to it.

I'm also thinking that my blood pressure could be an issue since I gained back some of the weight I'd shucked.  (I am deliberately wording it that way because I've decided the weight is not something I want to find, and saying it's lost indicates that it's something you want back....  ;)  So - on we go.)  While that could be true, every time my blood pressure has been checked, it hasn't been bad, so I'm tempted to say that's not the cause.

I'm also in the middle of menopause.  sigh.  Yes, I am a middle aged female who is confessing to the condition that plagues women when they hit 40 and above.  ARGH.  I've been going through pre-menopause since I was 40.  I am finally officially in it, and last night was my first night sweat experience.  My hubby even noticed.  He commented that my body heat raised by at least 10 degrees.  I just knew I was sweating all over and it was HOT.  Um...did I mention that we're freezing right now??  Seriously, the outside temperatures are below 20 during the day and hovering around 0 at night.  There was no reason to be hot or sweating.

I decided I'd had enough of that.  We've been talking about Bio-Identical hormones for a little while, my hubby and I.  I figured it was time to do more than just converse.  I've made an appointment to see what can be done.  I just wish it didn't cost so much.  $130 for an hour???  Seriously!??  I wish I could do that for a living...of course then I'd have to go back to school.

Anyway - along with all these discoveries and things, I've resolved to do better and be more public about it.  Not that I think anyone is reading this blog consistently (why would you when I've only done one post before today??) but because it will help me keep up on it.  After all, it's all about me, right??  sigh.  I really am working on that...

So - for the first week, I'm just going to mention that we are no longer going to use sugar in our house.  We haven't really used it in much anyway - since I've discovered Xagave and it's so much better for you.  We did use sugar in candy making (yes, I know, isn't that rather contradictory?  But candy making is a holiday tradition that we will probably continue...it's not like we make it all year round! lol) but we've managed to cut back on it's use in other things quite a bit.  We use applesause (the homemade variety without any sugar), xagave, honey, and fruit.  Sometimes I use Stevia products, and I'm planning on growing Stevia in my garden this year.  I was so excited to find out you could grow it!!  ;)

Anyway - that's your thought and perhaps challenge for week one of 2013.  Try to eliminate all processed sugar from your food and meals.

See you next week!


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