Week 3, and I'm ...

wondering what to do with my life.  lol  No, actually, I just wasn't sure how to approach this week.  I'm afraid I almost let it get away from me.
This week was about goals, but I didn't get them going with my family like I had hoped.  Fortunately, my hubby and I did discuss healthy lifestyle and how it involves going back to nature.  Not in that we're going to be eating grape nuts or anything (though personally I like grape nuts) but he is getting the idea about processed foods and refined sugar.  It's so nice when he gets things like that because then he's a little more supportive.
So - this weeks suggestion is to set goals with your family about how you want to get healthy this year.  Stop eating boxed mac and cheese?  Buying regular hot dogs?  Eating white flour?  (ugh!!  That's basically sugar ...)
Anyway - if you think of it, let me know what your goals are.  I'd like to know.  ;)


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