Week 2

Well...here we are to week 2.  My family hasn't been thrilled, by the way.  When I announced Sunday that we were going to be eating less processed foods and no more white sugar, there was a general outcry.  And not just from them, my hubby wasn't thrilled either.  His comment?  "When the wife goes on a diet, everyone goes on a diet."


Well, hate to put it this way, but this is a dietary change for life.  It's not a diet where we're trying to loose/discard weight, it's a change in the way we look at food.  Are we eating what's good for our body and not just what we love to taste?  Are we thinking of our bodies as the temples they are and what will keep them going healthy and strong?

Well...that's what I'm all about, any way.  I'm trying.  It's slow going, and it's going to take a while, but it works.  Today I dug out a bag of chickpeas that I'd tried roasting last year that didn't turn out like I'd hoped so I put them in the freezer to work with later.  I saw a post about the perfect roasted chickpeas, so I figured they would work.  I stuck them in the oven and well...they roasted!  They're not my families choice for a snack food, but I kind of like them.  They're a little dry though.  Is that normal?  I'm not sure...lol

Anyway - here's the picture.  The general recipe is to open or cook 2 cups of chickpeas.  DRY them thoroughly, spray a cookie sheet with pan spray and put them in the oven.  Turn it on to 425 and let them cook for 45 min or so, turning every 10 to 15 minutes.  Then turn the oven off and leave them in for another 90.  they should be nice and crisp.

I didn't let them stay the 90 minutes, I needed the oven....  but at least I got the general idea.  I guess you can add spices to them to add flavor.  I just wanted to see what they tasted like plain first, then go with flavors.

Let me know what you think.  ;)


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