Adult Smores!

Okay - we just got back from 'camping' so to speak.  Ah...spending a week in the sort of wilderness of Island Park in the family cabin.  It was soooo nice!!
But one of the best parts, was the fire pit.  And I didn't even take a photo!  Sorry folks...I'm not always thinking blog

Anyway - while there, my hubby came up with a brilliant idea.  We have a favorite snack food we buy at Sams Club - dark chocolate covered flat pretzels - pretzel crisps.  They are so good...  ;)  And he suggested using them for smores instead of candy bars and graham crackers.  Isn't he brilliant??  I tell ya!
So we tried it...and they were the best!!  Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to take a picture of us stuffing our faces with the chocolate, marshmallow goodness, so I'm going to show you the next best thing:  ones I made in the microwave.
While not as picturesque or atmospheric, they are still good.

First you take the marshmallow and roast according to your taste.  (which in our family varies from burnt to golden brown.  ;)
 Here, you melt it in the microwave...about 20 seconds or so.  I used the mini ones because I didn't want to run downstairs for the bag of big ones.  ;)

Don't put both pretzels in the microwave because the chocolate will melt.  Trust me...I did it and had to put another one on top to take the picture.  ;)
that's why there's another one toward the back...

But here's the upclose gorgeousness: time there are going to be adults at your smores dinning, try these - I guarantee they'll be a hit.  ;)


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