Chicken Patties and sauteed Kale!

Okay, I even took pictures this time!  I even impress
But, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to go to lunch with my sisters, so I made myself a nice lunch.  We have a PILE of kale growing in our garden that I keep trying to think of ways to eat.  I discovered yesterday that I should be able to freeze it, so that's something I'll be working on tomorrow, along with salsa...YES!
Anyway - so I made myself some chicken patties and sauteed veggie salad.  I had defrosted the chicken already, so it was handy.  I buy it on the discount rack whenever it shows up, which is rare.  ;)
I didn't think of taking photos until I was already in the process of cooking the patties, so don't have that picture, but there is this one:
While it was can sort of see the veggies in it.
And when it was mostly cooked, before I topped it with a slice of Provolone.  ;)

Then, I had my son go grab some of the kale out of the garden, and chopped up about 5 leaves, the rest of the bell pepper, onions, etc, and made kind of a veggie saute.  I am really in the mood for veggies right now, and no one else seems to like them as much as me...  lol
What was even better was all the veggies (except the mushrooms and onion...sigh) were from my garden!
I just love this time of year.  ;)  So anyway, here's the pictures during the process...

And the final stage...

Doesn't that look yummy?  Well....sort of...  ;)

Anyway, enjoy.  Here's the recipe:

Ground Chicken and Veggie Patties
    Ground Chicken breast, 15 oz 
    Green Peppers (bell peppers), 0.5 cup, chopped fine
    sweet raw onion, 0.5 cup chopped fine
    Mushrooms, fresh, .5 cup, chopped fine
    Egg white, fresh, 1 large
    spices to taste  (I used some pepper and various other seasonings...use your imagination.)

in a bowl, combine chicken and veggies, add egg. shape into patties and fry in a small pan with pan spray. 

While that's cooking, start on the veggies for the saute salad:

    Kale and Zucchini saute
    Zucchini, 1 cup, sliced 
    sweet raw onion, 0.5 cup 
    Mushrooms, fresh, .5 cup, slices 
    Kale, 1.5 cup, coarsly chopped 
    Green bell Peppers, 0.75 cup, chopped 
    minsed Garlic, 1 tsp 
    1 small tomato, chopped

in a medium sauce pan, saute kale until bright green. Shove to one side and all but tomatoes. Saute till mostly done, then combine with kale and stir around. Add tomato and saute till warm. Add ground pepper and other spices as desired. 


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