Teach a Young Dog New Tricks?

I guess it doesn't go easily.  My daughter and family have moved in with us for a temporary time.  We're talking like six weeks or so....sigh.

Anyway - she is not totally happy with my healthy version of recipes.  Hubby mentioned that we might have to adapt our recipes to make them more family friendly so that we don't waste food.  sigh.  yeah, that's easier said than done.  My son-in-law likes to cook.  He's actually pretty good, which makes my daughter quite content.  He's been sweet to cook breakfast several days this week.  Today he started out with it and I had to tell him - I can't eat anymore eggs!!!  I mean, whole eggs.  It's sweet of him to cook for us, bacon, sausage and all that, but I just can't keep doing it.  I've got to think of my health, so I'm going to have to do some separate cooking.  I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, but oh well.  He was like, well, show me how you do your eggs so I can cook them.  I did, and he was a little confused.  See, I separate my eggs the old fashioned way....with the shell.  He thought I had some kind of gadget to do it.  I do, but I don't use it.  My kids do though...lol

And the cheese!!  my daughter is a cheese fiend.  sigh.  So, they put lots of cheese in EVERYTHING.  we have cut back on how much cheese we use, and we generally buy the lower fat stuff.

It's been a real learning curve on both sides.  He's a real carnivore.  We like meat, don't get me wrong.  But we have been trying to cut back a little.  Not only are we trying to follow the word of wisdom, but meat is more expensive.  Sigh.

So - it should be interesting.  I made cookies tonight (since the temperature went down with rain) and did them kind of half healthy, half regular.  At least she ate a couple of them...before it's always been, ugh!  These are those healthy ones, aren't they?  Sigh.  At least they'll eat the whole wheat stuff.  It was pretty funny this morning.  She called me when we ran to get our Bountiful Basket order.

"Hey mom, where's your pancake mix?  We want to make waffles."

"We don't use a mix.  The recipe is in the cupboard."

"Uh, since when???"

sigh.  So, we ended up with eggs, hashbrowns, (they sent my son to the store for the hashbrowns) toast (with real butter, since I wouldn't let her put margarine on ours), bacon and fruit with a fruit drink mix.  How do you think the next six weeks are going to fare??

Tomorrow for desert and bday celebrations, we're having a peach cobbler and a dutch oven lemon cake.  I guess we'll use a mix for both of them....


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