Cookies in the Summer

Okay - how many of you have AC but it doesn't keep the kitchen cool?  I hope there's more than me...I tell ya, we hardly ever turn the oven on during the day.  I turn it on at night to make stuff that we might want the next day, but otherwise, it's off.  The kitchen just gets toooo hot and it radiates to everywhere else. I decided I was in the mood for cookies. We have zucchini spreading all over our north 40 in the back yard, and I'm trying to use it in everything I can think off.  I need to start freezing it, and that will start soon, but today I had zucchini noodles for lunch (which was really yummy!) and I'm making zucchini cookies.
It's done on the stove in my cast iron pan!
It's sooo easy, and I don't know why I didn't think of it before.  ;)
Here's what they look like in the pan before cooking:

 Here's what they look like cooked...

and then on the rack...

They don't last long in my house....I had a whole bowl full, plus the rack and by the time we went to bed last night, I'd filled a couple of baggies with them for lunches and there were 4 left.  ;)  I guess my kids liked them!

So - here's the recipe:

Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (low fat, but don't tell anyone, they won't know)
3 cups grated Zucchini
4 egg whites ( I did one egg and three egg whites this time)
3 ripe bananas
1/2 cup olive oil blend
1 C unsweetened applesauce (I always make my own - no added sugar)
1.5 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 C xagave
1/2 C green leaf stevia/sugar blend
3/4 C packed brown sugar
2 cups old fashioned oats
4.5 - 5 C whole wheat flour
1/2 pkg semi sweet chocolate chips (we use extra dark whenever we can find them.)

In mixing bowl, combine the bananas, eggs, sugar, sweetener, vanilla and applesauce.  Mix on low till banana is well mushed.  Add zucchini and oats and stir well, then let sit.  In a smaller bowl, combine flour, soda, baking powder.  After letting oats sit for about 5 minutes, slowly add flour mixture while mixing.  The mixture will be more moist than regular cookie dough - but you don't want it liquidy.  So, if it's still too moist, add more flour.  then add chocolate chips.

Prepare a medium cast iron pan (I think about 12 in?) with pan spray and a good lid.  I spray mine just to make sure, even though it's treated.  Remove pan off stove and turn on the burner to WARM.  spoon out cookie dough -- I use a small ice cream scoop, but spoons work. you don't need to space them a lot - they don't spread like regular cookies.  They just poof a little.
Cover and put on the stove - set timer for 7 minutes.  
Normally I bake my cookies for 8 minutes in the oven, but they started scorching if I cooked them longer - so watch them.
When timer goes off, remove them right away before turning off timer - and voila! you have cookies without the oven!
I tell ya - it made my whole day.  ;)
So, anyway - enjoy.  I'll be sharing the pizza on the stove top tomorrow...  ;)


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